Yin Yoga Starting – February 10th
with Linda Iamundi           Sundays 20:00 – 21:15 (75min)


Yin yoga is a very relaxing, slower paced type of yoga practice. You will be guided into a series of specifically selected postures designed to alleviate stress, deeply stretch tight muscles, create more mobility in the joints, while promoting deep relaxation. The postures in this class are designed to be held longer, for 2-5 minutes to promote fascial release and deep stretch, each class will also include a short guided meditation and breathwork as we reconnect with and explore our bodies. You will leave this practice feeling rejuvenated, physically open, and emotionally lighter.

This class is open to everybody and every body. Whether you are experienced in yoga or if it is your first time ever on a mat. Everyone will be able to benefit and take something away from the practice. You will be guided and supported every step of the way by your teacher, and are encouraged to stay after class and ask questions should they come up in order to understand and deepen this very special practice.