It sounds like a weird disease, or maybe a form of foot fungus. Well technically it is a fungus and a pretty awesome one at that. A few years ago while hiking in the forest I found a cool looking mushroom that I thought for sure would either poison me or get me high so I took a picture and looked it up on the internet.

I ended up realizing what I had found was called a Reishi mushroom or Ganoderma Lucidem.

This mushroom is one of the most studied mushrooms on earth, and has been researched for many years for its amazing health benefits.

Heres what it looks like:

Heres a short list of some of the many benefits:

1.       CANCER: The Reishi mushroom helps reduce the risk of cancer and even helps fight the disease incredibly. It has more than 154 types of antioxidants, and contains beta-glucan, lentinan, organic germanium synergize together and become the best weapon against cancer, this helps your body at protecting cells and destroying cancer cells.

2.     HEART DISEASE: Reishi helps prevent heart disease and stroke. Effective for controlling blood pressure, improving circulation, reducing blood fats and preventing arteriosclerosis because it has natural adenosine and triterpenoids ganoderic acid.

3.     ANTI-AGING: Reishi contains plenty of antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavonoids, vitamin C, etc. that attack free radicals, as well as organic germanium helps cellular oxygenation which means it helps with longevity and to fight against the effects of aging.

4.     WEIGHT LOSS: Reishi helps the body with weight loss, burning fat and it naturally stimulates metabolism, due to the synergy of the compounds. By activating our metabolism our cells begin to use more energy reserves (fat).

5.     ENERGY: Reishi increases energy in both our body and mind, organic germanium is in the fungus which helps oxygenate cells which in turn enhances the total energy of the boby.

6.     SKIN: The Reishi antioxidant protects the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals, which are the cause of wrinkles and aging skin. Reishi also helps to fight skin cancer.

7.     ARTHRITIS: Reishi helps prevent, reduce and combat the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. This is due to the synergy of triterpenoids, organic germanium and immunomodulators, allowing control against inflammation and improves the immune system.

8.     BONES: Due to the presence of calcium and vitamin D, and other compounds that help calcium absorption enhancing our bones, Reishi mushrooms helps preserve bone density.

9.     CHOLESTEROL: Reishi helps reduce cholesterol levels, also improves the ratio of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, by reducing bad cholesterol level, this is due to the presence of triterpenoids and adenosine.

10.  OBESITY: Reishi helps prevent obesity by stopping the movement of glucose in fat cells. Those who follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly and consume reishi are less likely to become obese.

11.    DIABETES: Reishi improves metabolism in relation to lipids and glucose, and prevents sudden increases in the level of blood sugar, balancing the general metabolism.

12.  BLOOD SUGAR: Sugar in the blood tends to increase with age, but the polyphenols and polysaccharides in reishi helps reduce blood sugar levels.

13.  HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Reishi helps reduce blood pressure due to the purification of blood and promotion of elasticity of arteries.

14.  Gastritis: The wonderful compounds in reishi, fight efficiently as our defenses against Helicobacter pylori. Furthermore, the cells of the stomach work better thanks to the synergy of compounds controlling acid secretion.

15.  CONSTIPATION: The large amount of insoluble fiber in reishi such as hemicellulose allow the colon to function properly. This improves digestive functions and allows the removal of harmful compounds in the body.


16.  ALZHEIMER: Reishi helps strengthen memory, although there is no known cure for Alzheimer, reishi helps slow down the process of reduction of acetylcholine in the brain, which is what causes Alzheimer’s.

17.  Parkinson’s disease: Reishi mushroom antioxidants help prevent cellular damage in the brain, which is one of the causes of Parkinson’s evil, those who regularly consume reishi are less likely to develop this disease.

18.  ADDICTIONS: Thanks to the synergistic effect of organic germanium compounds as antioxidants, this improves the function of the nervous system, thereby controlling addictions.

19.  MIGRAINE: reishi has compounds that relax the nervous system together with the triterpenoids that control pain and inflammation; this helps control and combat the best of migraines.

20.Liver disease: Reishi helps prevent liver failure. The anti-fibrotic and immunological properties in reishi work synergistically to prevent malfunction of the liver.

21.  KIDNEY DISEASE: Studies in Japan show that reishi has great effects to make our kidneys function better. The synergy of resihi’s compounds help control from nephritis to renal failure.

22.  FOOD POISONING: lentinan found in reishi may help the body to kill bacteria that causes food poisoning and kills the toxins produced by these bacteria.

23. IMMUNITY: The polyphenols, flavonoids, beta-glucans and lentinan mainly found in reishi help stimulate the immune system, boosting the health to fight against infection.

24.Colds and flu: Reishi helps prevent colds and flu due to the synergy of compounds greatly improving our defenses.

25. ASTHMA: Reishi’s anti-inflammatory properties allow triterpenoids and germanium to relax muscles that support the bronchial tubes, reducing the severity of asthma. In addition to the immunomodulatory effect of resishi’s compounds prevent the onset of the turmoil.

26.HERPES VIRUS AND OTHER: Reishi possesses compounds that increase our defenses and the germanium also increases the production of interferon, which is helpful for herpes and other viruses such as hepatitis viruses, papillomavirus, HIV, etc..

27. ALLERGIES: The presence of triterpenoids as antihistamines in reishi effect ganoderic acids which reduces allergies. So if there are allergies, you should seriously consider Reishi consumption regularly.

28.AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES: The effect of lentinan and other polysaccharides such as beta-glucan in reishi regulate our immune system, thus combating diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, lupus, arthritis, etc.

29.HIV: Scientists in Japan have shown that reishi mushroom lentinan significantly improves our immune system and helps reduce HIV attacks against the healthy cells of the immune system. This means is that reishi can help stop the spread of HIV.

30.STRESS: The synergistic effects of the compounds found in Reishi allow relaxation of the nervous system and help reduce stress and anxiety, which are becoming the main risk factors for diseases of today.

The prestigious National Institute of Health and the National Library of Medicine on its website have documented biological activities and pharmacological functions of Ganoderma Lucidum.


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