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What is Thai Yoga Massage:

Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing modality. Performed on a large Thai yoga massage Mat. It is fully clothed massage, no oils or lotions are used.

During a Thai yoga massage the practitioner guides the client through yoga postures. While palm pressing,  and kneeding, along the energy lines.  The practitioner may use elbows, feet and hands to help release  any tension by applying passive to strong pressure. Restoring the body’s natural flow of energy. It can help to increase circulation, increase flexibility, relaxes and restores the body.

More benefits….

Improves posture, balance, corrects body alignments and dissolves energy blocks

Strengthens joints and fights diseases including chronic joint problems

Reduces and relieves stress and anxiety

Helps boost energy levels

Try one today and experience the amazing benefits of Thai Massage

Meet our Therapist

Brianna McIntosh

With over 650 hours of training. Brianna is certified hatha, flow, and restorative instructor.

Brianna teaches public classes, private workshops and retreats. Where ever she is teaching, she loves to give hands on adjustments to her students throughout the class, to help them find that deeper stretch/ release. Which is what lead her to study at Thai Massage Toronto, and become a Holistic Practitioner. Brianna currently works at Thai Massage Toronto. Through the guidance  of Master Practitioner Deanna Villa, Brianna has learned a variety of techniques to help release any blockages and help  you relax and recover.

Brianna’s mission is to provide those around her with the tools they need to safely move through practise, release any tension, Relax and enjoy life.

How to Book a Session

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Step 2: Choose a time and register your account.

Step 3: Come on in and enjoy your session.

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