Chronic Pain Therapy

Some of the techniques used are: trigger-point therapy, myofascial release, PNF techniques, Rolfing, kinesio-taping.

Together, Gera will work with you to find the source of your pain or discomfort and manage it through a
combination of treatment and training, as well as work to change problematic habits that
contribute to your pain.

Gera is a firm believer that finding the root cause of  pain in his clients is a key factor in the
process of managing your pain and eventually living a pain-free lifestyle.

Gera Gurevich – Chronic Pain Specialist

Over the past ten years, Gera Gurevich has studied and specialized in pain and fitness through various
modalities. Having extensive experience in pain management (and also incredible success) Gera combines several effective techniques and
approaches, as every client is unique in their goals and needs.

Gera’s unique approach and skillset set him apart from most therapists in his field. He has been very successful at helping a diverse range of clients find significant improvement from a wide array of chronic pain, sports injuries, physical disabilities, posture issues and more.

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