What is the Lucia Light No.3?

As humans, we are beings of light, and all of our cells communicate through light (this is just being confirmed now by molecular biologists in the field of bio-photonics).

​The wide-spectrum solid and flickering light enters the body through the closed eyes, travels into the central brain (where the pineal gland is located) and continues through the whole body.

Thus the Lucia N°03 activates the whole cellular and energetic light system, sending energetic light waves that clear blocks, release pent up emotions and traumas and also release any other stagnant energy.  This is why the Lucia N°03 light experience is great for energy workers and empaths, it helps you release what is not yours that you may have picked up on the way.

While this is happening on the physical, emotional, etheric and energetic planes, the Lucia N°03 light experience for the light traveler is an immersion into a world of colors, patterns, shapes, deep meditation, journeys, memories, lucid dreams, astral travels, etc.

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August 14

“The Lucia N°03 is probably the most powerful meditation technique I’ve tried. It’s a technology that removes us from the constant noise of modern technologies and brings us deeper into our inner selves, with effects that are real and lasting. I’m a big fan.”

– James Nestor, award-winning author of the book Deep

The flickering light of the Lucia N°03 invites the brain into entrainment (increased alpha, theta and gamma waves) and ultimately into coherence, a harmonic brain state found in experienced meditators or those in trance states. 

The Lucia N°03 light experience is different for each person, each time they experience it.
Lucia N°03 light sessions work with each person’s individual system and it has a balancing effect.
While most light travelers report feeling more clear and centered after an experience, some people may feel energized and excited while others may feel deeply relaxed and ready to rest.

For more info visit: http://www.lucialightexperience.com/

The Lucia Light experience at Elemental Wellness is facilitated by Lucia Lighthouse (www.lucialighthouse.com)

A light traveler’s brain waves, at rest.

A light traveler’s brain waves during a Lucia N°03 light experience.

You can book a 30 or 60 minute session on the Lucia Light and Experience it for yourself. Shorter demo sessions available upon request for first timers.

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