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What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a 200+ year old system of medicine based on observations of the principle, “like cures like”. Simply, that which a substance can cause, it can cure. Samuel Hahnemann was a German physician and chemist who had become discouraged with the practice of medicine in his time. He conducted experiments with Peruvian bark (where quinine can be derived). He found that when a healthy person took of Peruvian bark daily, they developed symptoms similar to the symptoms of Malaria. Indeed, Peruvian bark given homeopathically, (in diluted microdoses) is helpful in Malaria.

Think of cutting an onion, you may experience stinging and watery eyes and a runny nose. Given in microdoses, the homeopathic preparation of onion (allium cepa) can relieve those same symptoms in someone experiencing seasonal allergies. Homeopathy has been a widely used system of medicine worldwide and can treat any number of conditions whether chronic or acute. Many celebrities and athletes have used homeopathy as part of a healthy lifestyle, including the British Royal Family.

Homeopathy may help with:

  • nervous conditions
  • headaches
  • stress related ailments
  • digestive complaints
  • chronic pain and many more

Why should I try Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is individualized. It is one of the most truly holistic forms of medicine on earth. There is no specific medicine for one particular disease. There are, however, specific medicines for the person affected by the disease. You are more than a diagnosis or a title. A Homeopath will take the time to take a thorough health history and details about you such as your family history, disposition and mood, diet, sleep etc. They choose a medicine for you based on the information you give. The self-awareness and healing that can come from homeopathic treatment can change your life.

How is Homeopathy different from Naturopathy?

Naturopaths learn many different healing modalities including herbal medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathy etc. Whereas a Homeopath focuses singularly on the study of Homeopathy.

Appointments & Packages

Note: Homeopathy is covered by some insurance companies. If not, you can submit your receipts as medical expenses on your taxes.

Intero package: The Intero package is the “whole package” as it includes:

  • 1 Homeopathic consult
  •  3 follow ups
  • 2 float therapy sessions
  • 2 infrared sauna sessions.

This package allows you to begin homeopathic treatment and have your first 3 follow up sessions taken care of. In between Homeopathic treatments (or at any time) enjoy 2 float therapy sessions and 2 infrared sauna/red light therapy sessions at the Elemental member rate included in your package.  This is the package for you if you are looking to take charge of your health while treating yourself to some relaxation and detoxing. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for taking the time to heal, recover and destress.

Homeopathic consultation with Nutrition add-on: Blend the healing powers of Homeopathy and holistic nutrition with this package. This includes your initial homeopathic consultation, a nutritional consult with Ang Wholistic Living and a homeopathic follow up. Nutrition and lifestyle changes play an important role in overall health, wellness, and healing. Combining nutrition and homeopathy can help restore you to a state of health and wellbeing.

Initial Homeopathic consultation package: Initial and first Homeopathic follow up included.

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Meet Vanessa

Vanessa is a registered Homeopath through the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. She completed her training in Classical Homeopathy through the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine where she studied with some of the best Homeopaths in the world and received mentorship through their Internship and clinical programs. She has a brief cameo in the documentary “Magic Pills” by filmmaker Ananda More. Vanessa is a member of the Ontario Homeopathic Medical Association.


“The body gets used to this state of dis-ease and basically settles for suboptimal health. So, Homeopathy comes in and reminds the body to do what it’s supposed to do, which is heal.

And the body heals.”


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