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High Vibrational Yoga with Camelia Teodora Moldovan

High Vibrational Yoga exercises stem from the ancient Korean tradition of the people in Northeast Asia, where it was practiced for centuries in the mountains. The practice embraces the powerful energy, or ki, found within nature and all throughout the body, including in the brain. As such, High Vibrational Yoga incorporates various techniques, like abdomen tapping, body tapping, lower abdominal breathing, to improve and harness the circulation of energy.  High Vibrational Yoga classes, workshops, and private sessions make people sources of light. They clean out old energy so that each person’s inner light can shine through.

Every class is specifically design to open your awareness to your brain and body, ultimately initiating healing.  You’ll learn how to use these exercises everyday so you can master the energy, bring your body to balance and to heal yourself.  These are the specific classes for specific systems that activate the energy pathways and your chakras:

  1. Basic Meridian Exercises (09/24/2018)
  2. Reproductive system (10/1/2018)
  3. Urinary tract and kidney (10/8/2018)
  4. Digestive system (10/15/2018)
  5. Endocrine system (10/22/2018)
  6. Respiratory system (10/29/2018)
  7. Heart and circulatory system (11/5/2018)
  8. Brain and nervous system (11/12/2018)
  9. Bone, muscle, and skin (11/19/2018)
  10. Fatigue, Insomnia and others (11/26/2018)


You will develop strength, flexibility, proper breathing, and energy sensitivity with our yoga.  Each class will help you shift your focus from outside to within yourself. Through our signature breathing postures, you will gather energy in your core, leaving you feeling strong, calm, and refreshed.  Classes start with Abdominal Tapping, one of the most effective methods for improving the overall balance of energy in the body as it draws heat energy away from the head and into the abdomen, your core center, where our energy supply is stored.  Next, we will get to experience Brain Wave Vibration by moving your body to the beat of drums, and from there the sensation expands as you find your body’s natural rhythm.  In a sense, you could say you are calibrating your brain to get back in sync with your body. The benefits of this method were scientifically confirmed.  Body Tapping is conducted at the beginning of the class and may seem too simple to be effective, but those who try it feel a boost of energy from improved circulation throughout the entire body.  Meridian Stretching is designed to open meridians of the body and through a gentle stretching of muscles and joint rotations balance the energy of their associated organs. Combining proper breathing with Meridian stretching you’ll feel the release of stagnant energy, increased flexibility, and a relaxed, rejuvenated body.  Every class will include special Breathing Postures to encourage deep breathing for greater relaxation and activation of body’s central energy center. Being able to breathe slowly, deeply and evenly helps you to recharge your body and clear your mind.  The energy of the universe flows through meridians and converges in the chakras, this ki serves as a bridge that connects the Body, Mind and Spirit.  Meditation is incorporated in every class to help you relax and shift your focus away from busy thoughts. Meditation involves focusing the mind and observing ourselves in the moment.  It can take us deeper inside ourselves, beyond the illusions created by our thoughts and senses so that we can see our life with a sense of clarity. As you develop a greater body awareness and ability to relax, your level of concentration increases. Every class will end with A Circle Tea Meditation to deepen the concepts learned during the class.

This 10-week series will run every Monday evening from 6-7:30 pm beginning on  September 24 until November 26, 2018.

High Vibrational Yoga Instructor Camelia Teodora Moldovan is also a practicing Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Numerologist, Certified Breathwork and Spiritual group session facilitator.  Find more information on Camelia at .

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