What is Breathwork?

As the name implies breath work is literally working on the way in which you breathe. It is one of the cheapest, easily accessible and effective methods to improve your overall well being.

There are many types of modalities available today when it comes to breathwork. Some are very new and others thousands of years old that all demonstrate through various breathing patterns the power of breath.

You can use it to release emotions and blocked energy, eliminate or reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, reduce pain, increase athletic performance and metabolism and much much more.

Giovanni is a certified Wim Hof instuctor and has been studying many different breathing modalities over the last several years which he shares in weekly classes, workshops and in the near future one on one breathwork coaching.

We hold Monthly Wim Hof Method Workshops that combine Breathing, Mindset, and Cold Exposure to help improve the immune system, reduce pain and inflammation, have a greater control over your mind and help people to become healthy strong and happy. Check our event calendar for the next workshop!

Join Giovanni Every Tuesday Night at 7:30pm and Steve Every Thursday Night at 7:30pm for Elemental Awakening Breathwork Class.

In this class we have taken some of the most powerful components of different modalities to create an experience that will bring you to a deeper connection with yourself, help to heal inner trauma, release emotions, expand awareness, increase intuition, enhance visualiztion to create the life of your dreams and leave feeling uplifted and at peace.

We combine intention setting, movement, breathwork, guided meditation, visualization, live and recorded music and group connection to create an experience like no other. You have to try it to understand how powerful it really is. No experience required. Just come with an open mind.

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