What is Breathwork?

As the name implies breath work is literally working on the way in which you breathe. It is one of the cheapest, easily accessible and effective methods to improve your overall well being.

There are many types of modalities available today when it comes to breathwork. Some are very new and others thousands of years old that all demonstrate through various breathing patterns the power of breath.

You can use it to release emotions and blocked energy, eliminate or reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, reduce pain, increase athletic performance and metabolism and much much more.

The Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience

Our founder Giovanni Bartolomeo has been on a journey of self improvement and self discovery for the past 10+ years. In that time he became the first Wim Hof instructor in Canada and has extensively studied many forms of breathwork and other modalities from around the world. Over the past several years through both self study and practice he has developed a unique breathwork practice and experience we now offer as a weekly class.

In this class we have taken some of the most powerful components of different modalities to create an experience that will bring you to a deeper connection with yourself, help to heal inner trauma, release emotions, expand awareness, increase intuition, enhance visualization to create the life of your dreams and leave feeling uplifted and at peace.

We combine intention setting, movement, breathwork, guided meditation, visualization, live and recorded music and group connection to create an experience like no other. You have to try it to understand how powerful it really is. No experience required. Just come with an open mind.

See our weekly schedule below for a list of classes available! Classes are limited to 7 people so be sure to reserve your spot! Classes Also available online call for details. 905 669 4222

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Skeptical but tried it anyways…Thank God!

I have been attending breathwork classes now for just over 1 1/2 years at elemental. 

Being a skeptical person by nature I thought I would try it as people told me how it could impact your life which I didn’t believe. First few times I felt something weird happening and my anxiety would tell me to stop.  But I continued along to see what would happen. It profoundly has changed my well being like nothing else. No medication / massage / exercise and vitamin can make me feel as good as breath work does. It will greatly decrease stress, anxiety , bad thoughts and put your mind into something I’ve sought for 50 yrs.  believe in the process attend not one class but many and practice it at home. You will see profound change in your life from something that is inside us everyday.  Our breath.  

You need to learn this skill by qualified and trained people and this environment teaches you all the above.  Giovanni is a world class instructor and his knowledge and care for each individual that walks into his studio is second to none. I urge you to try it. You will not believe the impact breathwork can give you especially in that environment.  I learned the most important and vital skill at 50 and wished I had this knowledge the past 50 yrs.  

Giovani thank you for continually to educate and teach people the most valuable skill you will ever need.  Btw u must try the ice bath after   Another miracle therapy ❤️❤️❤️

Alex K.

“What just happened to my body”

I still remember my very first breath work class with Giovanni and after the class saying to him “who are you?,and what just happened to my body!”

I never experienced anything like it!

I just knew that every single fibre in body was active and alive and I felt incredible!!!!!

Going to breathwork classes put a whole new perspective, and awareness on how I breathe every moment of my day!!!!

I also did Giovanni’s breath work course, it was fantastic and gave me so much clarity in moving forward in my life!

I am truly grateful to Giovanni for being truly authentic and sharing his unique and special gifts💓💓💓

Sabrina Ferri

“Incredible and Invigorating”

Before attending Gio’s breathwork techniques I had no idea, how incredible, invigorating it would be. I literally feel the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Meditating to soothing music and feeling stress float away. The feeling is incredible, after each session I feel less anxiety, more energy, my self awareness increases. Most important (for me), I go home and have the best sound sleep! 

Thank you Giovanni, for all you do, in the name of Love, Peace and Harmony! Love for One Love for All ❤️🙏🏾💜

Carrol Isaacs

Breathwork classes??  

How would something we do naturally need a class??  

Well, was I ever so wrong and drowned in humbleness!! 

My first class was my last breath I took of the “old” me and my first breath of my awakening. No expectations,  no ego,  just a leap of faith only available by feeling safe by the space held by Giovanni and his brothers and sisters. (Can I call you my mid-wife?)😂

That one class and all those that followed, allows me to ground and align my energies and for that, my heart pours with gratitude for having somewhere to practice and share my journey.

Dom M

“I’m Amazed…almost Speechless”

After 1 Full Year of Being Introduced to Breathwork i must say that Im Amazed..almost speechless at how effective of a practice / tool this is. My Biggest Most Notable Experiences : Increased Relaxation through the whole body, mind and spirit. Increased Clarity w/ Self, Realization and greater understandings of everything around me. Consciousness and Connectivity growing greater after every class.

I have experienced So Much Gratitude and Encouragement from within as a byproduct of making the simple step in saying “Yes, today/tomorrow I am doing Giovanni’s / Elementals Breathwork class” Always Loved My Choice in making that decision anytime Ive looked back at my weeks Productivity.  How great it is to acknowledge The Shift into my Own Expansion  is really something I can never put into words. Thank You!  I have participated with 2 other teachers recently Joey and Dan. I am really  blown away at their ability to allow the experience to be unique and extremely powerful. Thought that only Giovanni could deliver such an experience. The Energy and the Experience after a BW Session is always the best decision that I have made for “myself” that day as it allows me to Produce and Appreciate more Grateful experiences towards All those around me. So thank You Giovanni, Thank You Joey, Thank You Dan & Camilla for All Committing and Offering what We can experience.

Grounding, Shining, Binding, Expressing, Understanding, Appreciating, Softening, Listening, Hearing, Feeling, Realizing and Smiling have been the reoccurring after completing the hour of breathwork. Everytime!!!

Thank-You to All Elementals Family Staff and Fellow Members for All that You Are.

Marco M

“Truly Grateful”

I do breathwork everyday and I have tried a lot of different types of breathwork over the years. And I’ve personally found Gio’s to be one of the best! I think of Gio as a Master Chef of breathwork taking traditional breathwork techniques and innovating the practice layering in his own touches – from shaking off the stress to start, his amazing live music and powerful meditation to wrap up. Truly grateful.

Brad B

Words do no justice! 

The elemental staff conduct a breath work experience that truly taps into parts of your subconscious you haven’t seen in years. I come out of the class feeling like I’ve shed years of trauma off my soul and put nothing but peace into my heart. I radiate love for days after guided breath work and feel like I can run up a mountain. 

The energy exchange before, during, and after class is like something that’s only seen in fantasy movies. Complete strangers come together as one, full of positive powerful love.

Vincenzo Caputo

“Breathwork is an amazing experience. “

I’ve been able to push my physical abilities and increase tolerances through breath. The class is an amazing therapy for body and mind. The people who you meet are beautiful souls who you get to share your story with and may also share in your pain. No judgments are placed and support is given. 

Breathing is the essence of life and I have no longer taken it for granted. Being able to strengthen lungs and facilitate oxygen to all areas of the body has increased immune response and reduced inflammation for me. My back pain has diminished. This may be from physical relief but it may also be from the ability that the class allows for sharing of feelings and emotions. That release of emotion through breath is incredibly powerful that may bring you to tears and then to an amazing night sleep. Thank you to Elemental Wellness.


Been there since Day 1!!

l have been going to Elemental since they first day of their opening and boy has this place transformed my life in a very big way. The “Elemental Awakening Breathwork Classes” by Giovanni played a huge role in my healing process of combating Chronic Lyme Disease. I found that each class was unique and provided different types of experiences each time. The selection of music was always amazing! Giovanni’s playing of his guitar and singing different songs each week made this class truly one memorable healing journey. In the end, you will feel completely relaxed and ready to combat anything. I am beyond grateful for setting my foot in this door that first day years ago. Thank you!🙏🏻😊💜

Maria Rossi