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Under the Sea of Sound With Ariel

Crystal Soundbath Journey

Every thing is vibration.
Every cell in your body is vibrating.
And whether you can hear it or not all vibration produces sound.
YOU are a symphony of majestic proportions!
But like any musical instrument we may fall out of tune which can gives us feelings of sadness, anger, frustration and anxiety.
The common response to these emotions is to ‘get better’
but becoming a better musician does not put your instrument in tune.
You could be playing a beautiful melody but without all the working parts being properly attended to things may feel ‘off’.
Tuning yourself is the delicate art of listening without judgement and adjusting without shame.
This can’t take place in a state of tension or expectation, it can’t be forced.
With sound therapy and the healing powers of crystal singing bowls this process takes place like the wind plucking ripe apples from the tree, a natural process.
The beauty of these bowls is that they will help your body fall into a state a deep relaxation, where all healing takes place.
Join us every Monday at 6:30pm and allow the healing waves realign your being!

Drop-in: $25
Drop-in Package: $80 (4 classes – any class)
Member: $15
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