Breathwork Facilitator Training 

“One of the greatest feelings in the world is guiding someone through an Elemental Breakthough Experience. The realization that they have everything they need, and it already exists within them is a powerful tool. One of the most simple yet powerful tools I have come across in my entire life and I have tried A LOT of things. Breathwork is an ancient secret ready to be re-shared with the world.”


Elemental Awakening Breathwork Facilitator Training

Once you complete your facilitator training and pass your certification exam you will be able to share this amazing modality with others. The experience from takingthe course alone will be profound for most but the experience of sharing it with others will bring incredible value into your life. Helping others through breathing is fulling and can also be financially rewarding as well.

Once you have completed the course you will be able to facilitate group classes, 1 on 1 classes and Fundamental Breathwork Workshops.

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Facilitator Training Course Outline

  • Intro workshop Friday Evening and Saturday Day (10 hours)
  • Weekly calls over zoom 1.5 hour  per week for 8 weeks (12 Hours)
  • 30 minutes daily self practice with new exercises weekly (28 hours over 8 weeks)
  • 1 Elemental Breakthrough Experience Solo journey per week (8 hours)
  • 16 independent breathwork practice sessions with friends and family. (16 hours)
  • 2 day course final exam and certification (10 hours)

TOTAL Course Hours to Complete Certification 84 hours

Elemental Awakening Breathwork Program Consists of 2 Parts:

The Elemental Breakthrough Experience

The Elemental Breathwork Fundamentals Program

Elemental Breakthrough Experience

 Elemental Awakening Breathwork Program was created by Giovanni Bartolomeo as a tool to help himself release tension and emotional blockages, find clarity, improve performance and to deepen his meditation and self awareness.

Over the last 10 years he has explored various forms of breathwork, meditation and movement and taken his favourite elements from various practices and curated a unique experience that has produced some incredible results. Once he began sharing it with others he quickly realized what worked for him was also working for those he shared it with.

The Elemental Breakthrough Experience combines sound, movement, various breathing patterns and holds, guided mediation and support circles to create an experience like no other. When practiced regularly we have seen some incredible transformations in peoples lives.


Elemental Breathwork Fundamentals Program

This program was designed because we noticed that many people were having amazing experiences with the EBE but still had very poor breathing mechanics. Many people do not breathe properly. Incorrect breathing can lead to many physical mental and even emotional challenges in life. Anything from poor circulation, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, asthma, poor athletic performance, erectile disfunction high blood pressure and many more can be directly related to incorrect breathing.

The course we developed can help people not only correct their breathing but potentially reverse many of the issues they may be currently facing. The body is an amazing tool and with a little bit of practice and dedication amazing changes can occur.

As part of our training we will be educating the facilitators to use these techniques on themselves so they can then share and teach others. You will be able to impact peoples live and eventually get paid to do it as well!

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The following Certification Enrollments are Available:



Jan 30-31 Weekend Training + 6 weekly online Calls + Final Exam weekend March 20-21 (ENTIRE TRAINING AVAILABLE ONLINE)

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