“One day I envisioned a space I wanted to create that I couldn’t find for myself. I wanted to include all of the things that have helped me with my own development over the last 10 years. Most importantly was to build a strong community of support while people become better versions of themselves”

Founder Giovanni Bartolomeo

About Us

Elemental started off as a dream. An environment for people to find themselves, explore their own consciousness, improve and optimize their wellbeing, to learn, share and grow. This concept felt amazing in theory and after sharing this vision with others we felt very strongly that it was something that needed to be created.

We live in age of stress, and it’s killing us. Here are some stats from www.stress.org:

  • Stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illnesses and diseases

  • 3 of 4 doctors’ visits (in the US) are for stress related ailments

  • Stress increases the risk of heart disease 40% the risk of heart attack 25% and the risk of stroke 50%

  • 40% of stressed people overeat or eat unhealthy

  • 44% of stressed people lose sleep every night

For more stress statistics visit www.statisticbrain.com/stress-statistics

Do you feel stressed out?

How do you deal or manage with your stress?

Stress leads to poor sleep which has many side effects including fatigue, poor judgement, decrease performance in all areas, increased potential for depression and increased risk for many diseases including heart disease type two diabetes and even cancer.

At Elemental, our mission is to help people reduce stress through the many modalities we offer. There are many different options to choose from whether it be a state of the art sensory deprivation experience for deep relaxation, colon hydrotherapy or infrared sauna for detoxifying the body, or one of our many classes rooted in ancient wisdom that has passed the test of time that modern science is finally catching up to, there is a potential remedy for you at Elemental.

We decided to bring in the best equipment and also a wide range of different types of classes and expertise so that members and drop in guests can explore their curiosity and try new experiences to find out what really resonates with them the best.

We are dedicated to creating the ultimate experience for our guests. We are dedicated to cleanliness, and creating a comfortable, warm and welcoming environment for all of our guests.


Elemental was founded with the intention to empower its clients, members, employees and owners to live an optimized and fulfilling lifestyle.

Our goal is to establish a culture and practices that support growth and transformation for all our clients, employees and community.

Combining the latest technology and science, with education, mentorship and ancient practices to create long lasting transformational experiences that will improve all aspects of your life.


To create an expanded network of centers that foster strong communities and support the optimization of human life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Our vision is to transform the lives of all people who come through our centers, no matter what stage of life or state of being, we will assist and support their optimization process.

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